Art Dump Feb 04, 2016

The rat soldier from my previous post, but painted and a little more detail. I tried to do sort of a furry texture for his body with a pair of light pencil marks. It turned out decent enough and helps distinguish the rat’s body from it’s armor. More below.



Opening of This Little Site

As part of my new year’resolutions, I want to try and be a bit more social and open, hence why I am starting this little site. I’m not quite sure how I’ll use it yet, but there is a good chance that it’ll include my own thoughts and analysis of various topics (mostly related to gaming), some various semi-philosophical ramblings, and probably eventually some art, if I ever get around to making any. Perhaps some digital “tape trading” as well, if I ever get around to cataloging what I have and want.


For now, however,  I simply bid thee good night and good fortune until we meet again.