Art Dump Feb 04, 2016

The rat soldier from my previous post, but painted and a little more detail. I tried to do sort of a furry texture for his body with a pair of light pencil marks. It turned out decent enough and helps distinguish the rat’s body from it’s armor. More below.

Another rat soldier in the style of the original one in my last post. I added a bit more detail to the armor and shield, as well a changed the coloring a bit to match the plain rat a bit better. An alternate painted version can be found in my fantasy creature album on imgur.

Here’s a quick painting of Leonardo, my little stuffed lion cub. I’ve quite enjoyed doing these little paintings thus far. The color doesn’t look quite right to me on the blog and looks a lot better on imgur’s darker background.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an art dump without a Pokemon image, so here’s a Stunky. Stunky and it’s evolution are personal favorites of mine in the games. Unlike my other Pokemon images, it was based off of Stunky’s official artwork and not a free paint image from PAA.


As always, all images are CC-BY-NC, except to the extent that Stunky is owned by Nintendo.



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